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Lifts without machine room in limited spaces

Example of solution 

Technical parameters LC maxi 450

  • Load capacity 450 kg
  • Number of persons 6
  • Number of stations max 16
  • Stroke max 25m *
  • Cabin 1000x1250 mm
  • Shaft1500x1620 mm
  • Shaft head 3350 mm (minimum 2700 mm)
  • Depth 1100 mm (min. 500 mm)
  • Frame Type TLM10 maxi
  • Gearless machine
  • Engine power gearless 3.5 kW / 11.5A
  • Door 800mm wide
  • Doors automatic 2 panel
  • Rope 5x6,5mm

  * In case of higher lift please contact our sales department for more information


Lift Features

Design cabins

  • Five series of lift cabs
  • Dozens of lights, accessories and hundreds of color combinations
  • Crystal clear surfaces, precise lines, perfectly manufactured
  • Premium materials, stainless steel surfaces, LED lighting, design elements and sharpened glass
  • The cabins are galvanized on both sides, which significantly increases their service life

<more information about cabs and design




Development and testing
  • All elevator components going through exacting testing in the test tower to meet the high demands on safety, quality and reliability
  • During testing, we are focused on permitted noise levels in protected areas
  • We monitor lifts for your safety - the lift can be monitored from anywhere and anytime, some problems can be solved remotely
  • "The development of elevators is very important. It is not enough to buy cheaply and assamble at the customer"
<more monitoring information

Hi-Tech components

  • We produce elevators for you in our factory in Karviná
  • We complement our own production with quality components of leading European manufacturers
  • SICOR machines - our long-time partner, one of the largest and best machine manufacturers in Europe <more about SICOR machines
  • Klefer doors - part of the Tecnolama multinational group, delivered to 90 countries of the world <more about Klefer doors
  • Steel ropes last up to 2x longer than belts
  • Pushbuttons in the cabin and station <more about button panels
  • Top lift control "VEGA"


Swiss production technology

  • We use Hi-Tech machines from Switzerland (laser and Bystronic press brakes, Trumpf sheet metal punching from Germany) for production.
  • Due to these technologies, LC lifts are made as compatible kits, which guarantee their long life
  • Due to the technology of production and materials used, the whole structure is lightweight
  • All components of the elevator going throught exact testing
  • The main parts of the elevator (cab, frame, brackets and more) are galvanized
  • "If the components are not galvanized, they often look like ten years old after one year of usage"

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