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LC Classic

Lift cabin LC Classic 

Basic lift cabin with basic equipment

Floor is made of a lightweight fully galvanized steel sandwich.

Floor covering
PVC covering ALTRO in different colour variants. This material is made of softened vinyl, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide grains, polyester-cellulose layer and glass fibre grid.

are made of PLALAM, which is galvanized steel sheet with PVC surface on the top (and protective film). Our standard colour sample includes 5 colours.




Front entrance portals and rear corner parts (bevelled at an angle of 45°) are made of PLALAM F12PPS – silver colour (stainless steel imitation)


Floor kick plates are made of brushed stainless steel K400. They are 100 mm high and perforated to ensure lift cabin ventilation.
Information panel in a stainless-steel frame

Ceiling lightning (LED)

  • Nebbia - Standard type of ceiling lightning. Silver edges (Plalam F12PPS)
  • Pattern – you can also have ceiling with a pattern (see page 5)
  • All types of ceiling lightning have LED lights with diffuser and cooler for long life.


Round stainless-steel handrail (diameter 42 mm)


The operating panel is embedded in a flush-fitting hinged panel made of the material:

  • PLALAM F12PPS – silver surface

Car pushbuttons

Lift cabin operator panel is composed of black polycarbonate glass with display, intercom system and pushbuttons (see page 3).

Whole panel is in a Plalam plate (silver colour F12 PPS)

Display- Black and white LCD 609 display


Landing pushbuttons

Landing pushbuttons – black panel with pushbutton and display.

On the display you can see what lift does at the time, if it goes up or down.


Others possible additions

  • Seat for people with disabilities or when you are just tired and want to sit down
  • Mirror 600 x 900mm with sandblasted details
  • Ventilation module under the ceiling
  • Information system in car is made of stainless steel (st.)





Downloadable files - other variants



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