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Colour sample

LC Design 2021-2023


  • In cooperation with an industrial designer, we have selected new lift surface finishes for you for the years 2021-2023.

  • The principles we followed during the selection were as follows: Creativity in design, high quality, and the use of natural materials.

  • We chose from five areas: Minerals, Expression, Metallic, Wood, and Color Premier




Since 2018, we have been offering Glass cabin design 

Here is a sample cabin:

Designové výtahy  Designové výtahy


You can also choose from the following basic samples:

And if you still can't decide, take a look here: www.shutterstock.com



LC ElegantLC Exclusive cabins: walls - POLYREY (Fr.) (high-pressure laminate with great versatility and durability)



The cabins can, of course, be made with glass panels as well - one wall, two walls, or three walls..





LC Classic cabin: cabin wall surfaces - PLALAM (galvanized sheet + PVC film + protective film)



                        DT63                                      DT66                                        DT67  



                          PPS 3                                    F12 PPS                                   N1


                      PPS 12                                    PPS 25



Stainless Steel (for LC Exclusive cabin)


Stainless Steel (for LC Exclusive cabin)                  DECO 1






LC Classic, LC Elegant cabins: flooring - ALTRO

 (composition: soft vinyl, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide granules, polyester-cellulose layer, glass fiber grid)


        ALTRO Black                 ALTRO Bone             ALTRO Pewter Grey          ALTRO Storm             ALTRO Spider





LC Exclusive cabin: flooring - Marmoleum (97% natural raw materials - naturally healthy)

(composition: linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone, pigments, and jute textile)



  Marmoleum Granada      Marmoleum Black          Marmoleum Eiger          Marmoleum Henna        Marmoleum Serene Grey




Have you not chosen from our color options? Are you looking for something more demanding and want your lift to have an even more exclusive and elegant look?


Other surfaces and colors can be ordered within the LC Individual lifts, where the selection possibilities are almost limitless.


You can find the color sample chart for lift doors HERE



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