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LC HydroSpace

Hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lift  

for low building up to 6 floors





How does this elevator work:
  • The lifting power is supplied by an electrically driven agregate
  • The agregate transports hydraulic oil to the hydraulic piston
  • The lift is lifted by the hydraulic piston
  •  When the lift is going down, the power consumption is 0
  • The engine room can be anywhere near the shaft
  • If there is no enough space for the engine room, the machine can be placed in the box
Where it fits
  • Ideal lift for low buildings up to 6 stations with lower traffic
  • Lift for low apartment buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Modernization of your current lift
  • Load capacities from 320 to 1600 kg
  • Speed ​​0.6 m / s
  • Number of stations from 2 to 6
  • Maximum lift 20 m
  • Door width 700mm to 1300mm
  • Hydraulic engine Moris
  • Cabin from 900x1500mm to 1400x2400mm
  • Shaft from 1450x1420mm to 2250x2770mm
  • Simple, plain, quiet lift
  • The hydraulic lift is quieter than the rope lift
  • Green efficient lift
  • Easy maintenance (even non-professional can free passengers)
  • It uses the shaft space better than the rope lift
  • Long life due to galvanized parts


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LC HydroSpace 630

  • Load capacity 630kg
  • Speed 0.6 m / s
  • Number of persons 8
  • Cab 1100x1400mm
  • Shaft 1600x1800mm