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LC Maxi

Lifts to a limited space

Rope lift without machine room


How the elevator works:
  • The machine is located directly in the shaft
  • The lift cabin is suspended on ropes
  • The elevator machine drives the cabin over the traction sheave
  • The weight of the cabin and its load is balanced by the counterweight
  • This lift doesn't need a machine room
Where to fit
  • Lift for objects where there is no enought space for the machine room
  • Lift for houses with limited space for lift
  • Monument buildings
  • Residential houses
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Buildings with higher daily traffic

  • Load capacities from 320 to 1050 kg
  • Speed 1.0 m / s to 1.6 m / s
  • Number of stations from 2 to 12
  • Maximum travel 35 m
  • Door width 700mm to 900mm
  • Gearless machine
  • Cabin from 950x1100mm to 1100x2100mm
  • Shaft from 1450x1470mm to 1650x2450mm
  • Significant space savings
  • Silent lift operation
  • Lower power consumption due to highly efficient gearless machines
  • Long life due to galvanized parts
  • Steel ropes last up to 2x longer than belts


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  Tabulka parametrů LC MAXI


 Tabulka parametrů LC OneSpace

 *v případě vyššího zdvihu, prosím kontaktujte obchodní oddělení LC pro bližší informace
**jmenovitá rychlost 1,0 m/s je standardní, maximální jmenovitá rychlost je 1,6 m/s
***Průchozí varianta
  • Load capacity 450 kg
  • Speed 1 m / s
  • Number of persons 6
  • Cabin 1000x1250 mm
  • Shaft 1500x1620 mm