Lifts with the brand LC

European quality lifts from Czech manufacturer

We offer lifts to residential buildings, hospitals, company headquarters, family houses, hotels and listed buildings (of historic interest). You can choose a right lift for you below.


Choosing a lift just by price and catalogs that promise blue from sky is often a superhuman task. Catalogs are made by advertising companies, text promises everything. 

How to know that company who offers lifts is a true manufacturer, and not just a composer of the cheapest components from doubtful destinations?
Keen price, high quality, harmonized components, top class technologies, first class execution, reliability and safety. All our products are tested there to fulfil high demand for quality, reliability and safety.


LC DoubleSpace
  • Rope lift with machine room
  • Load capacity from 320 to 2000 kg
  • For apartment buildings and hospitals
  • For buildings with more floors
  • Modernization
LC HydroSpace
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Load capacity from 320 to 1600 kg
  • For buildings with fewer floors (up to 6 stations)
  • For apartment buildings, hotels and office buildings
LC Maxi
  • Rope lift without machine room
  • Load capacitiy from 350 to 1050 kg
  • Lift to limited space
  • For new buildings, hospitals with high day traffic
  • For houses where there is no enough room for the machine room
  • Hydraulic platform, that looks like a classic lift
  • Load capacity 250, 350 and 500 kg
  • To family houses, corporate residences, surgeries or guest houses
  • Low-floor buildings (up to 4 floors)
  • Low price, low energy consumption
LC ZeroLift
  • Specially designed lifts for houses without a lift and not only for them
  • No need for machine room (mini machine box in lowest or highest station beside a lift)
  • Ready for installation into our steel elevator shaft LC Beta
  • Apartment buindings with 3, 4 or 5 floors
Special Lifts
  • Lifts specially developed for you
  • Lifts with half-round glass wall
  • Glass lifts "aquarium" type
  • Reconstruction of freight lifts
  • Lift with openable ceiling

Steel elevator shaft
  • Assembled (bolted) steel elevator shaft made of thin-walled profiles
  • Certified production according EN 1090-1+A1, EN 1090-2
  • Simple and quick assembly without welding on site
  • No grinding and noise during installation
  • Supplied as a kit with high precision of individual parts
Lift Design
  • Five types of lift cabin
  • High quality, best materials
  • Elegant design for you, nice accessories
  • Hundreds of colours, tens of lights, handles, mirrors...
Energy efficient lifts

  • Our lifts have low power consumption
  • Power saving mode for switchgear, door operator, changer and display
  • High Efficiency Lift Machines (up to 80%)
  • 40% of the energy needed to produce required lift is from solar energy
  • We estimate the annual energy costs for each elevator


LC Monitoring 365 - watch your lift any time and from anywhere
  • All information about your lift in one application
  • Transparent, efficient and easy lift operation
  • Your lift is always under control (you know exactly, what it is doing right now)
  • Quick problem solving via app (remote acces)
For designers
  • We also work with designers and architects
  • We are providing everything to designers, what they need for their projects
  • Drawings, shaft sections, calculations