Lifts with the brand LC

 Keen price, high quality, harmonized components, top class technologies, first class execution, reliability and safety - these all are 


 All our products are tested there to fulfil high demand for quality, reliability and safety.

LC DoubleSpace
  • Rope lift with machine room
  • Load capacity from 320 to 2000 kg
  • For apartment buildings and hospitals
  • For buildings with more floors
  • Modernization
LC HydroSpace
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Load capacity from 320 to 1600 kg
  • For buildings with fewer floors (up to 6 stations)
  • For apartment buildings, hotels and office buildings
  • Green efficient


LC Maxi
  • Rope lift without machine room
  • Load capacitiy from 350 to 1050 kg
  • Lift to limited space
  • For new buildings, hospitals with high day traffic
  • For houses where there is no enough room for the machine room
  • Hydraulic platform, that looks like a classic lift
  • Load capacity 250, 350 and 500 kg
  • To family houses, corporate residences, surgeries or guest houses
  • Low-floor buildings (up to 4 floors)
  • Low price, low energy consumption
LC ZeroLift
  • A lift set for houses where the lift has never been before
  • Load capacities from 250 to 650 kg
  • For residential or family houses without an lift
  • Buildings with three to five floors
  • Monuments, hotels, pensions
Special Lifts
  • Lifts specially developed for you
  • Lifts with half-round glass wall
  • Glazed lifts "aquarium" type
  • Reconstruction of freight elevators
  • Lift with openable ceiling

Designed lift cars
  • Five types of lift car
  • High quality, best materials
  • Elegant design for you, nice accessories
  • Hundreds of colours, tens of lights, handles, mirrors...
Energy efficient lifts

  • Our lifts have low power consumption
  • Power saving mode for switchgear, door operator, changer and display
  • High Efficiency Lift Machines (up to 80%)
  • 40% of the energy needed to produce required lift is from solar energy
  • We estimate the annual energy costs for each elevator


For designers
  • We also work with designers and architects
  • We are providing everything to designers, what they need for their projects
  • Drawings, shaft sections, calculations