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Lift Design

  • Crystal-clear surfaces, precise lines, flawless manufactory.
  • Precise selection of materials processed with Swiss technologies.
  • Premium materials, design elements, polished glass.
  • Dozens of lights, accessories, and hundreds of color combinations.


You have a choice of several color options. Everything depends on your preference. Nothing is impossible, and our specialists will gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable cabin for you.


Take a look at the five types of our lift cabins and choose yours:

LC Elegant
  • lift cabin with walls decorated with laminate Polyrey (Fr.)
  • other details are in silver colour (Plalam F12 PPS)
  • marmoleum or Altro as a floor covering
  • round or square stainless steel handrail
LC Exclusive
  • premium lift cabin with stainless steel details (polished)
  • walls are made of decorative laminate Polyrey or stainless steel
  • natural floor covering Marmoleum
  • big colour LCD display
LC Exclusive Glass

  • Glass cabin 
  • View from the cabin into the interior of your house
  • We can glaze one, two or three walls of the cabin
  • In the case of a glazed shaft, the view is out into nature of the city


LC Exclusive ColorGlass

  • Unique Glass Cabin
  • The glass cabin offers the opportunity to incorporate graphic elements or photografs between glass panels
  • The interior of the cabin is perfectly coordinated to create a unified whole
  • There is an unlimited selection of motifs and colors to choose from


Colour sample
  • Color options for all cabins
  • Wall samples from Plalam and Polyrey
  • Floor samples from Altro and Marmoleum
  • Types of stainless steel and glass designs for cabins
LC Classic
  • choice of five wall colors
  • possible additions
  • round stainless steel handrail