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Lift doors

LC door colours

For semi-automatic and automatic lift door




LC Lift Design - LC Door colours



LC Design 2021 - 2023
In cooperation with an industrial designer, we have selected new lift surfaces for you for the years 2021 - 2023.
The selection criteria were as follows: creativity in design, high quality, natural materials.
We chose from five areas: Minerals, Expression, Metallic, Wood, and Color Premier.





Standard colour is RAL 7032 (included in all door prices, no additional charge)

We also offer other RAL colours with small additional charge

We are also able to deliver door with different colour – just contact our sales department for more information.

LC door colours

Only for automatic door


Stainless steel brushed or polished



SPECIAL DOOR FINISHING – Gold stainless steel


Automatic door Big Vision – big glass in stainless steel frame




Door finishing – RAL 7012

Standard door colour – RAL 7032


Special door finishing - Stainless steel DAMA


Stainless steel brushed


Design of our lift doors for download HERE



For specific door prices, please contact our sales department.

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