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LC Exclusive


All details are made of polished stainless steel (brushed)




Car design: two-layers

The car walls are:

  • Two-layers made of galvanized sheet material + POLYREY (high-pressure, very resistant hardened laminate (Fr.)), according to the current sampler (st.).
  • As a variant, the car walls are made of stainless steel – according to the current sampler




On the floor you will find a special material MARMOLEUM made of z 97 % natural, in different colour variants, which consists of: linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone, pigments and jute fabric



Front entrance portals and rear corner parts beveled at an angle of 45° are made of material:

a) Polished stainless steel (standard)

b) Stainless steel K400 (finely brushed)


The trenches are made of stainless steel K400, they are 100 mm high, they are perforated, ensuring the ventilation of the car.


Basic lighting type:

Nebbia made of polished stainless steel (st.).

a) A series of suspended celling (see sampler LC car) made of polished stainless steel
b) Fully suspended glass ceiling with LED lighting

LED lights with diffuser and cooler for long life.



The Handle is made of stainless steel and is available in two variants:

  • Circular handle with a diameter of 42 mm, polished stainless steel
  • Square handle 40x40 mm, stainless steel K240


The operating panel is embedded in a flush-fitting hinged panel made of the material:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Stainless steel K400


Car pushbuttons are series 10LC-3D, polished stainless steel with white trim amd black or white glass for display.


Car pushbuttons is illuminated with lights of different colors

  • red– direction down
  • green– direction up
  • white– in the station


The dispay in the car is colored: Color LCD 4,3“ or Color LCD 7“ (with floor detector and music in the car)


Other possible additions

  • LC seat type LC 2019
  • Recessed LC seat type LC 2019
  • Mirror 600x900 mmwith sandblasted details
  • Mirror on half of the car wall
  • Landing detector



Car LC Exclusive at Chateau Petrovice near Karviná






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