Steel elevator shaft LC Beta

30. September 2022

LC Beta – Certified (Certificate no. 2498-CPR-436), fully assembled/welded thin-walled steel elevator shaft


  • Installation incl. filling approx. 4 hours for 1 floor

  • A revolutionary solution for covering horizontal shaft profiles by PLALAM material

  • Installation of fillings from inside nad outside the shaft

  • Pimarily intended for glass, alternatively for fermacell fiber boards

  • 100% compatibility with LC lifts



Steel elevator shaft LC Beta ( load capacity Q = 650kg )

Performance of steel elevator shaft:
  • Certified (Certificate no. 2498-CPR-436), overall assembled/bolted steel structure made of thin-walled profiles enabling the transfer of forces from the lift.      


  • Designed for indoor use, load capacity Q = 650 kg.
  • Shaft construction / steel elevator shaft material: EXC2 / Steel S235JR, S355JR, open bent profiles

  • Color finish:  RAL paint / thickness 50 mm (standard RAL 7032)
  • Steel elevator shaft anchored at the level of pit or platform 
  • In the platforms and in the shaft head using steel anchores in concrete



A revolutionary solution for covering horizontal shaft profiles 

  • Covering material for horizontal profiles - PLALAM (galvanized sheet + PVC layer+ protective foil)

  • Alternatively– stainless steel as required



Color version of the cover of the horizontal profiles, see samples below

Color version of the cover of the vertical profiles, see samples below

LC colours

Surcharge colors LC; basic color is RAL 7032 (no extra charge)

Steel elevator shaft filling – LC Beta a) laminated safety glass

Steel elevator shaft filling-layered (laminated) safety glass 4+4+0,76mm 

  • fitting of glass into the LC glazing system with antivibration seal

  • simple and very compact installation in the glazing profile

  • installation of fillings from the outside and inside of the shaft

  • glass – clear, colored, matte





Filling of the steel elevator shaft – LC Beta b)  
fermacell boards

  • Another filling option is fermacell boards

  • Fermacell boards are classifield according to EN 13 501-1 A2 – s1 d0

  • The requirements are documented by the European Technical Approval ETA -03/0050

  • Mechanical strenght test according to EN 81-20:2015 (Inspection certificate I-63-0126/16/ZZ/T)





Part of shipment

  • Delivery of the steel elevator shaft according to agreed drawing 

  • Delivery of filling for steel elevator shaft

  • Final operating documentation, 
  •  Material certificates

  • Declaration of product characteristics according to EN 1090-1+A1, EN 1090-2


  •  Delivery time approx. 5/6 weeks from measurement and signing of the purchase contract (and depending on free production capacity)

  •  Installation time of steel elevator shaft  2 floor = 1 day

  • Installation of filling 4 floors = 1 day

Steel elevator shaft LC Beta - design examples