New LC maxi 1275 - Rope lift without machine room to a limited space

23. August 2023


LC Maxi 1275 is a new type of of the lift without machine room, it has completely replaced the original LC OneSpace 1250.


  • The LC Maxi 1275 can now fit into a shaft with dimensions of 1950x2860 mm.

  • This lift requires a minimum headroom of only 3000 mm and a pit depth of 950 mm.

  • It is a special type of traction lift without a machine room, providing a unique solution for small pit depth and headroom.

  • The space-saving design places the machine in the head of the shaft.


Technical specifications of the LC Maxi 1275

  • Load capacity: 1275 kg
  • Number of persons: 17
  • Maximum number of stations: 10
  • Maximum travel height: 25m*
  • Cabin dimensions: 1200x2300 mm
  • Shaft dimensions: 1950x2860 mm
  • Shaft headroom: 3715 mm (minimum 3000 mm)
  • Pit depth: 1050 mm (minimum 950 mm)
  • Frame type: TLM12 Maxi
  • Gearless machine
  • Gearless motor power: 11.5 kW/26A
  • Door width: 1100mm
  • Automatic 2-panel doors
  • Rope: 8x8mm
  • The lift is remotely monitored (LC Monitoring 365).

 *In case of a higher travel, please contact our sales department for more information.

Vertical situation

Shaft head, pit


 The complete drawing is available for download here.