LC Maxi - lift for limited space

1. May 2019



Do you have small head and low pit for your lift?  

We have a solution for you!  

LC maxi is the first lift without machine room with head 2700 mm and pit 500 mm



 LC MAXI means:

Speial rope lift without machine room for limited space

Unique solution for small head and low pit

Head only 2 700 mm

Pit only 500 mm

Load of lift from 350 to 650 kg

Machine is in the head of the shaft

New, lightweight gearless machines SG 22 with high efficiency

Luxury design of lift car - wide range of designs

Lift what glares - Unique news for 2016 – brand new glass car LC ColorGlass

Standard guarantee 36 month and a possibility to extend to 60 měsíců


Advantages for you

Better equipment

  • LC EKO drive -  cost saving mode of car and controller - with this mode you protect environment as well as your wallet

  • New modern LCD display in all floors

  • Wholemetal pushbuttons 9L Achillesantivandal according to EN81-71 – class 1

  • Colorful LCD display in a car you can put there your own photos and pictures that displays in each floor

  • Lift that plays music - there is a possibility of MP3 music in your lift car – listen to your own music while travelling

  • Lift monitoring throught internet  - there is a possibility to monitor your lift and see its status wherever and whenever



For more information about LC maxi, technical parameters or prices - please contact us and let us surprise you.

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