LC DoubleZero - special lift type for building without lift

9. September 2022

Rope lift with mini engine room on the side

Special rope lift designed for houses without a lift. And not only there. 


  • Load capacity up to 450 kg
  • Speed 1.0 m/s
  • Lift travel 11.2 m
  • Door width 800 mm
  • Standard lift cabin 800x1550 mm
  • Cabin with two entrances 800x1540 mm
  • Steel elevator shaft inside a staircase 1250x2200mm
  • 100% compatibility with steel elevator shaft LC Beta
  • Mini engine room beside lift in the lowest or highest floor will save you a space
  • Head of a shaft only 2550 mm
  • Minimum pit dimension 500 mm

  • Higher speed
  • Long lifetime period life thanks to galvanized parts
  • This lift has LC monitoring 365 – You can watch your lift at anytime and from anywhere (remote access)

Complete delivery of a lift together with steel elevator shaft from one manufacturer ensures 100% mutual compatibility of both components




Side engine room and its advantages

  • Side engine room can be in the lowest or highest floor
  • Lift controller is also inside engine box
  • Main switch is ready to be installed near engine room
  • Low noise thanks to the fact, that machine isnt inside shaft
  • Special solution for houses without a lift. And not only there